Reflooring: Finally Done Removing The Laminate Flooring!

In the last video, I began the process of removing that pesky laminate wood flooring in order to make way for the new vinyl planks.

On this day, I finished the job. I had to finish removing the laminate in the bathroom area. And yes, it was a lot of work just like the day before. 🙂

The process was exactly the same. Using the oscillating multi-tool to flush-cut around the edges and the rotary saw to square off some chunks that I could pry out. The prying was done the old-fashioned way… with a chisel, a screwdriver, a hammer and a bit of cussing.

But, it’s done! And I’m honestly glad to have it over with.

Next step is to repair those rot spots I found on the subfloor.

David Risley

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