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Epic Campground Scenery In Monument Valley

We couldn’t come out west and not stop into Monument Valley. So, after Mesa Verde, that was our next stop. I had only scheduled 2 nights (one full day) to stay here, however. While the scenery is epic, truth is there isn’t a lot to do. There are some commercial tours if you like that […]

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Touring The Cliff Dwellings in Mesa Verde

After a short hop from Durango, we planted the RV into the Mesa Verde RV Resort right outside the main entrance to Mesa Verde National Park. The RV park itself was pretty nice. It had a nice pool, 2 hot tubs. Even though I only used them once (since we had full hookups), but bathroom […]

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2,068 Travel Miles Later…

Last I checked in here on the blog, we were in Little Rock, Arkansas and weathering some insanely hot temperatures. From there, we continued west through Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle, New Mexico… to where we sit now in Durango, Colorado. And yes, it is MUCH nicer here. Currently 86 degrees, low humidity. The wife is […]

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Replacing Our Furniture – Shop4Seats Review

It is a rare motorhome owner, most likely, that seeks to replace their furniture. After all, it isn’t a cheap thing to do and the financial ROI simply isn’t there. When it comes to used motorhomes and trailers, almost all of them have the exact same furniture they were built with. But, the ones built […]

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Reflooring the RV: The Completion!

In the final video in this series on reflooring the RV, we bring the project to a close. After installing the carpeting, I still had some things to do to wrap things up. Namely… Install quarter round trim around the edges of the vinyl plank flooring. Install transition pieces at the end of the carpet […]

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Reflooring the RV: Installing New Carpeting

The next phase in our reflooring project was to install the new carpet. Unfortunately, I had a deadline pending (a campground reservation) and I really had to finish this project. So, I just buckled down and did it and didn’t record any video. I did, however, take some photos! So, I’m going to now walk […]

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